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Tagsaler's Internet Fraud Resource Guide

This guide describes Potential Fraud and Internet Scams (PLEASE REVIEW)

   Tagsaler users take note: We highly recommend reading this guide before sending money or goods to anybody. Various scams and fraudulent methods of transaction exist on the internet today - Especially so-called NIGERIAN SCAMS!

    Also, please do not hesitate to e-mail if you are suspicious of any ad. We will gladly do what we can to investigate it and take the proper steps in remedying this unfortunate circumstance.

   As we all have come to realize, the internet can be an excellent tool for e-commerce. However, a small percentage of business transactions on the internet are subject to frauds and scams. As with normal transactions, buyers and sellers need to be aware of their surroundings and use solid discretion during transactions.

    Be aware that Tagsaler shields your e-mail address from public view. We do this to protect you from spam, hide your e-mail address from annoying solicitors (and to encourage only serious buyers and sellers). Bear in mind that even though your e-mail address is initially hidden, people can still contact you after unlocking your post. Some of those contacts may be from unscrupulous people.

   Said people may utilize an old scam originating from Nigeria that has found new prominence on the internet. This scam is also commonly known as a "419" scam and usually involves cheating people using a variety of routines:

   The most common type of Nigerian scam used today on classified sites involves an offer to buy your item where the scammer makes up some reason for needing to send you a check for more than the asking price. The scammer will ask you to send the difference in money back to them. These checks or money orders they send are counterfeit. Even if the bank initially cashes them, when the bank realizes their mistake, they will require you to return the money in full.

To find out more information about the Nigerian type scams, Visit This Site.

   In general, be cautious of potential buyers who make offers to buy your item without asking additional questions. Usually, these scammers are in such a hurry to engage you in the scam that they fail to ask obvious questions that a legitimate buyer probably would.

The latest trend in these Nigerian type scams is that the scammers are contacting sellers via a telephone relay service for the deaf.

   Tagsaler highly recommends the use of escrow services when buying an item through an unsure seller. Escrow is a secure, inexpensive method of conducting personal transactions where money is held in a protected account that cannot be touched by the seller until the satisfying conditions of the sale have been met. Many banks and institutions offer escrow services such as

    To report internet fraud seek this online partnership between the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center.

    Tagsaler also recommends becoming familiar with these additional websites dealing with internet fraud:

   Please use common sense and strong discretion when dealing on Tagsaler, as Tagsaler is simply a venue to connect potential buyers to sellers, with limited ways to monitor any transaction and zero liability. We do not want to see anyone scammed - only benefited!


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